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TECC Security Solutions offers a variety of solutions to keep you connected to your business. From fire prevention to intrusion detection, TECC Security Systems is committed to create the right solutions for your business security needs.

Access Control

Instead of managing multiple keys and the risk of loss, you can manage by way of security card access or card entry systems. Key cards are low cost with high value allowing you the ability to fully manage the employees’ interaction with your facility. Providing you the ability to administer, turn on, turn off and restore employee’s access as needed.

TECC Security offers access control solutions to businesses that allow the client to control multiple facilities from one location. This also includes the ability to manage which employees have access to specific locations within any given facility.

Contact us to demo the product and ease-of-you.

Sprinkler Monitoring

TECC Security provides three core services to sprinkler monitoring:

  • Sprinkler monitoring systems to new building development
  • Adding monitoring systems to existing buildings requiring full-service testing inspections
  • General testing of sprinkler systems to adhere to compliance

Monitoring systems traditionally require two phone lines. TECC Security offers the solution of cellular central station for monitoring, which allows business to reduce internal costs by not having two separate phone lines. TECC Security also offers fire detection services to provide a full-service approach to business protection.


TECC Security Systems offers a variety of options to meet your on-site security needs from safety to theft control. TECC Security’s camera and network video recording (NVR) services include:

  • Large file storage of video footage spanning significant amounts of time
  • Video analytics, which allows clients to assess point of sale
  • License plate recording
  • Face recognition functionality
  • 1080p HD recording
  • Network recording allowing for off-site monitoring

Industries that typically utilize these services fall within industrial, commercial and retail. TECC Security will customize the system depending on your needs. Contact us to demo camera options and functionality.

Intrusion Detection

TECC Security Systems has many customizable solutions to provide you with detection alerts for your business:

  • Door and window contacts: These near invisible sensors will detect the opening of a door or window.
  • Internal business alarm: An alarm will sound after a series of beeps and when the alarm is not disarmed properly.
  • Motion detection: A special lens will detect movement of heat in a room. The detector will sense heat movement in several areas of the room to provide for maximum protection for your business.
  • Window sensors or glass break detectors: These sensors detect any shock or vibration from breaking glass within your establishment.

These are just examples of the preventative measures. Contact TECC Security Systems today to discuss the right solution for your business.