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TECC Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems from TECC Security Systems

Whether commercial, industrial, office or storage; we protect what matters most to you.

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Meet Robert

Meet Robert

Full-time dad and entrepreneur.

More than just a business, this is your livelihood. You have a team to manage and customers to care for. Your day-to-day tasks demand your attention. Opportunities and challenges loom on the horizon. Prioritize your time and safeguard your investment with a smart system from TECC.

Access Control – Protecting your passion means knowing who is coming and going. Robert keeps track of who is onsite at any time of day, right from his phone. Customized schedules have been set-up to lock, and unlock, various entry points depending on the day and time.

Surveillance – Robert can view past, and live footage, from any one of his high-definition 4K interior and exterior cameras, ensuring deliveries are on time and handled properly, customers are being served with care, inventory isn’t walking off on its own, and vandals are identified and caught.

Intrusion Detection – Armed with dozens of door contacts, motion detectors, and glass break sensors, Robert can sleep well knowing his investment is well protected. Should an issue arise, he has 24/7/365 immediate response from our central monitoring station who will follow-up and dispatch authorities as needed.

Fire Prevention – Strategically placed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ensure his people are safe from dangerous drops in air quality.

Environmental Protection – Low temperature and high-water sensors help protect sensitive products from environmental damage such unexpected swings in temperature and flooding.

Battery Back-up – In case of an unexpected power outage, his system includes battery back-up to ensure the premises stay protected until power can be restored.


Take control. Save money. Boost efficiency. Safeguard your team and protect your assets. Deter criminals. It’s not whether you should invest in a security system, it’s about investing with the best.

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