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Meet Angela

Meet Angela

Wife and mother of two kids.

Life is busy. Work can be demanding. Balancing family, your career, school and social activities is a full-time job. You want a security system that supports and protects your lifestyle.
TECC Security Systems can help.

Arm & Disarm – Angela can quickly arm and disarm her system while on the go, ensuring her home and family are safe. She also receives text notifications notifying her of any changes, such as when her kids arrive home from school.

Autolock – During those hectic mornings, it’s easy to forget something, like did I lock the door behind me when I left? One quick push of a button on her phone and the front door is secure.

Video Doorbell – Angela gets notifications when someone is at her door, whether it be a delivery from the post office, a neighbor looking to borrow her baking sheets again, or her daughter’s date. She can even talk and interact with that person right from her phone.

Intrusion Detection – Fitted with door contacts, window and glass break sensors, two motion detectors and a siren, her home is well-equipped to detect, deter and quickly notify central monitoring to dispatch the authorities if someone trips her system.

Surveillance – For extra peace-of-mind, Angela installed two cameras to keep watch over the back yard and storage unit, providing a little extra peace-of-mind.

Environmental Safety – Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors provide instant assurance in alerting her family to any dangerous changes to air quality. A high-water sensor warns of potential water damage.


Not all security systems are created equal. When it comes to protecting those you love, make an investment in quality and customer care.

Invest with us.

More Control. Less Worry.

Explore our smart home to see how we can help seamlessly integrate a smart system for you.

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